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Small to Medium Enterprises – or SMEs – are at the heart of what we do here at Rees Group. We know that it takes a lot of work to run a business, so it can be an absolute headache when you’ve got to manage the financial end as well.

Sure, you might have time to string something together. But is it as effective as it could be?

Our CA & CPA advisors can provide a wide range of advice to SMEs. Whether you’re a property investor, a public company or an old-school family business, we’ve got the expertise to take you to the next level or get you out of a tricky spot. Take a look at our service areas below – there’s a good chance we can give you what you need. And if we can’t, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

Our Services

We know you’re busy. So our financial advisors help you with everything business, from taxation & superannuation structures to mergers & acquisitions. Together, they’ve got decades of combined experience across the finance and accounting industry. We’re someone you can talk to. We help you identify your problems and your areas of opportunity. If it’s not our specialty, we’ll put you in touch with an expert. And we’re not into setting and forgetting. We’ll work with you regularly to make sure everything’s still on track.

Are you struggling to wrap your head around your business structure? It can get confusing fast when you’re managing many different factors, like offshore investments, tax minimisation, or multiple income streams. We specialise in making the complex and the complicated feel simple. Our advisors take the time to understand your circumstances truly. Then, we develop an approach that suits your unique needs. We want your business structure to be as effective as possible.

Death can be difficult to talk about, but it’s important that your life’s work doesn’t go to waste. The plain truth is, it could all end tomorrow. You just never know. So it pays to be proactive, and make sure you’ve got a plan in place today. We offer guidance in creating, updating and managing wills and estate plans. We work in tandem with a skilled legal team to ensure your plan effectively addresses the financial complexities of your business, your family and your assets.

Whether you’re a public company, a property investor, or a family business, you’ve probably reached a point – maybe more than once – where things start to grow too fast to manage on your own. We set SMEs up with the right internal processes and accounting software for their needs. Our advisors are experts at providing taxation and accounting solutions. We’ll go further than just making sure you’re tax compliant. 

When it’s time to part ways with your business, we’ll help ensure a smooth transition. Whether you’re preparing it for sale or looking to pass it on to your family, we can provide assistance and sound financial advice. You’ll work directly with our managing partner, Justin Mastores. With over 20 years of business experience and a focus on commercial deals, he brings an extra level of expertise to the bargaining table.

Looking for the best way to finance your business, assets or property portfolio? Our in-house finance broker specialises in helping small to medium family businesses achieve their dreams.  If your circumstances are unique, we’ll draw on our professional community to bring in the right bank or finance partner for your needs. We’re also more than happy to use your existing preferred partner. 

We specialise in helping businesses get the best results from their deals. Whether you’re looking to acquire a new business, merge an existing one, or develop an exit plan – we’ll help you get it right. This area is handled directly by our managing partner, Justin Mastores. With over two decades of commercial experience, he brings an extra level of expertise to the table.

Need a second opinion? We provide trusted, unbiased advice and guidance on your property portfolio at any stage. With experience in both residential & commercial developments, we can also assist with asset syndications of up to $20 million. We know that you’re busy, so we can handle the more frustrating aspects of real estate for you. 

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