Sole Traders

We help sole traders get the most out of their tax. Whether it’s help with a tough tax return, or long-term planning –  our CPA advisors have you covered.

Lodging your first tax return as a Sole Trader can be pretty overwhelming.

So can lodging your second one. And your third one. And your fourth.  Whether you’re fully established or just getting started, filing your tax return as a sole trader is usually difficult, time-consuming work – and there’s a lot on the line if you do it wrong. It’s better to ask the experts. 

We take the stress out of being a Sole Trader.

We work with all kinds of sole traders, so our advisors are used to your industry niche. Whether you’re a tradie who’s always purchasing tools & supplies, or a tech worker with almost no overheads, we’ll take the time to understand your tax circumstances and workshop the best outcome with you. Just like our online tax return service, we offer a maximum refund guarantee. We’re committed to getting you more.


Our advisors will work closely with you during your consultation to make sure we don’t miss anything. No need to stress out this tax year – we get a kick out of helping our clients get the best deal possible.

Tax Planning

Sole Traders are one of the most common business structures in Australia. But they’re also one of the riskiest. Because it’s you – not your business – who will be liable for any debts you incur. Sure, it’s exciting to get out on your own. But balancing your work with managing your tax & accounting obligations can quickly leave you feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

We’ll set you up right.

Whether you’re a tradie, a freelancer, or anything in between – we want to see you on the right track. Our CPA accountants are proactive in helping you set your business up to be as secure & tax-effective as possible – no matter what you do or what stage you’re at. 

These are just some of the tax planning services we offer to Sole Traders. And we’re always interested to hear your goals – many people start Sole Trading on their way to something bigger. We’ll help you start planning for that next step.

We’re passionate about helping you live the dream and be your own boss. We care about making sure you’re covered. 

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