Justin Mastores

Managing Partner

Justin is our Managing Partner. As well as overseeing Rees Group, he also works closely with clients on areas like commercial property advice or acquisitions, mergers and exits.

Energy, Community & Expertise

Justin has been a business advisor and the managing partner of Rees Group since 2002. Starting as an accountant in 1993, Justin brings nearly 30 years of in-depth financial experience to his clients. Yet if you’re picturing a conservative accountant in a stuffy brown suit, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Justin is a robust commercial advisor who takes a dynamic, hands-on approach and always brings plenty of energy to the table.

As our managing partner, Justin broadly oversees all of the dealings here at Rees Group. He’s also passionate about leveraging his specialist commercial expertise, working directly with our clients on areas like Commercial Property Advice and Acquisitions, Mergers & Exits. With experience on deals of up to $30 million, he knows when to say yes, when to bargain harder, and when to hold out for a better deal.

Justin is committed to using his knowledge to give back to the community, and it’s the driving force behind his work as a business advisor. He’s genuinely passionate about fostering meaningful relationships with his clients, built on strong foundations of integrity, respect and mutual success. Over his long career, Justin has sat on the board of directors for multiple not-for-profit organisations.

Outside of work, Justin can be found spending time with his kids, enjoying some top-shelf Japanese food or sipping tequila.

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