Acquisitions, Mergers and Exits

Need help navigating acquisitions mergers and exits? Our managing partner Justin Mastores will leverage his commercial experience to get you the best results.

We specialise in helping businesses get the best results from their deals

Whether you’re looking to acquire a new business, merge an existing one, or develop an exit plan – we’ll help you get it right.

This area is handled directly by our managing partner, Justin Mastores. With over two decades of commercial experience, he brings an extra level of expertise to the table.

Getting the next steps right.

We’re experienced at helping you negotiate a wide range of commercial deals. And we do a lot more than just oversee the process. We’ll get involved every step of the way, providing guidance to ensure you get the best results. We’re proactive here at Rees Group. Our tax experts will help simplify complex issues, identifying areas of tax relief that you may have otherwise missed.

Before we do anything, Justin will sit down with you to understand your needs and what stage your business is at. Are you growing and looking to merge? Acquiring a new venture, or looking to sell off the old one? Whatever you’re after, we’ll structure our approach around you.

Acquisitions, Mergers & Exits​

Justin’s experience at the bargaining table is invaluable, whether you’re a small private operation or a large public company.  He’s passionate about leveraging his commercial experience to help you get the best possible outcome. With his input, we can offer sound advice on when to say yes, when to bargain harder, and when to hold out for a better deal. 

Even if you’re not planning to take the next step anytime soon, developing a clear plan now can save you a lot of time and money down the track. We’ll help you develop an exit strategy that matches your goals – whether that’s setting up management buyouts & senior incentive plans, or passing your family business to the next generation. We’ve got you covered. 

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