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Struggling with tax and accounting? We’ll help. Rees Group offers both once-off and ongoing guidance to individuals and sole traders. We talk you through your tax return.
Struggling to wrap your head around a particularly confusing individual tax return?

Maybe your sole trader business is taking off and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Your accounting responsibilities are starting to add up, and it’s too much work.

We can simplify that for you. Rees Group offers once-off consultations or ongoing guidance to individuals and sole traders. Our CA & CPA advisors will help you with whatever you need. Proactive tax planning that’ll maximise your future returns? We’d love to. Helping you implement & adjust to cloud-based accounting software? Let’s do it.

Can you talk me through my tax return?

Yes, we can. While we also offer a top-shelf online tax return process, we know that’s not for everybody. Sometimes, you just want a hands-on approach. One thing that both our online & in-person services share is our maximum refund guarantee. We’re committed to getting you more. 

Our advisors have experience working with people from all walks of life.  We’ve helped high-value executives deal with issues like overseas shares & senior incentive plans. But if you’re new to the world of business and you need hands-on guidance to wrap your head around your changing tax obligations, that’s up our alley too.


Whoever you are, we’ll help turn the scary and complicated into the simple and achievable.

Why use us? We’ll get you more.

More Time

When you work with a Registered Tax Agent like Rees Group, you’ll get an extra 6 months to file your tax return. No more rushing to file before the end of October. Your return won’t be due until May 15th. 

More Security

No more worrying about audits or being overwhelmed by intimidating paperwork. Our advisors deal with hundreds of tax returns every month, so we know what to look for to keep you out of trouble.

More Peace of Mind.

You can stop fearing tax. We work to make the tax process as easy & efficient as possible for our clients. You fill out your information, and our advisors will handle everything else.

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