Small and Medium Enterprises

Need staff for your Victorian SME?

The Jobs Victoria Fund is now offering up to $20,000 in hiring subsidies. You may have heard about the $250 million ‘Circuit Breaker’ business support program being offered by the Victorian Government, or the following

Tax time is here. Are you prepared?

Everyone knows that feeling – when you get your tax return back and you think “Surely I should have gotten more than that?”  Most people invest a lot of their own time and money into

Talking Super with David Meffert

Recently, I sat down with David Meffert from Discover Financial Partners to chat about recent trends in the world of Superannuation. Discover Financial are our preferred partner when it comes to working with wealth &

Don’t fall into the Crypto Compliance Trap

Cryptocurrency – the name given to digital currencies powered by Blockchain technology – has been all over the news recently. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been building steadily over the last decade, but the last

Extension to SME Loan Guarantee Scheme

Beginning on the 1st of April, the $1.2 billion stimulus bill – which also contains relief provisions for the tourism industry – promises an extension to the Government’s SME Loan Guarantee Scheme. The package will