Business Succession Plans

We develop business succession plans. With broad expertise in commercial & business deals, we’ll help you navigate all of your different options

When it’s time to part ways with your business, we’ll help ensure a smooth transition

Whether you’re preparing it for sale or looking to pass it on to your family, we can provide assistance and sound financial advice.

You’ll work directly with our managing partner, Justin Mastores. With over 20 years of business experience and a focus on commercial deals, he brings an extra level of expertise to the bargaining table.

Helping to secure your legacy.

It’s important to develop a succession plan now, even if you don’t plan to leave for another decade. Most people plan extensively when they’re getting into business, but they don’t realise how much planning it takes to make it out. The process can sometimes take years to get right, so it’s important to put a clear strategy in place now.

We’ve been helping our clients with succession plans for generations. We’ll help you develop a plan for your business and your family when you’re not around anymore, ensuring you have key people in place to keep it running. We’re also experienced at helping you step back from your business in other ways. 


We make sure you’re working with the best advice we can offer when it comes to succession plans & business sales. This area of advisory is handled directly by our managing partner, Justin Mastores. With over 20 years spent advising in the commercial sector, Justin is experienced at managing deals of up to $30 million. He knows when to say yes and when to say no.

Whether you’re aiming to secure your business long into the future, or looking to sell soon, we’ll make sure you have the tools and the expertise to get it right.

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