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Our in-house finance broker specialises in helping SMEs secure business financing. Got unique needs? We’ll help connect you with the right broker for you.
We provide you the right financing options for your business

Looking for the best way to finance your business, assets or property portfolio? Our in-house finance broker specialises in helping small to medium family businesses achieve their dreams.

If your circumstances are unique, we’ll draw on our professional community to bring in the right bank or finance partner for your needs. We’re also more than happy to use your existing preferred partner.

We can provide advice on matters surrounding:

Financing your business is one of the most important steps on the road to success. There’s a lot of financing options out there, but not all of them will be the perfect fit for your business. Our advisors will sit down with you and our in-house broker to learn about your circumstances and your goals. From there, we can start workshopping the right financing options for your business structure.

Our broker specialises in small to medium family businesses. They’re committed to helping your business secure the right loan or financial backer. However, we work with a diverse client base at Rees Group, so we know that might not be the right solution for everyone. 

Maybe your needs are unique, or your business structure is particularly complicated. We’ll draw on our extensive professional network to make sure we bring in the right financier or bank for your business. This doesn’t mean we’re handballing you or labelling you ‘too hard. In this situation, our advisors will continue to work alongside you and your broker every step of the way. We’ll leverage our commercial experience to ensure we make it happen for you. 

We’re also open to talking with clients who are interested in less traditional methods of financing – like crowdfunding or strategic partner financing. Whatever you’re thinking about, we’ll be there to provide guidance and advice. 

The Latest on Business Financing

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Business Financing

The SME Recovery Loan Scheme has been extended until June 2022.

The federal government has extended the SME Recovery loan scheme until mid-2022, with the announcement coming as welcome news to the many Australian small businesses who have endured a rocky holiday period. I posted late last year about how the …

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Got an ABN? How to get business financing fast, without all the paperwork!

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Seeking business financing? Get in fast, the SME Recovery Loan Scheme closes soon.

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Business Financing

‘Insane’ rate changes signal that it’s time to lock in your loan.

If you’re an Australian homeowner with a split mortgage rate, it’s likely that you’ve had a pretty frustrating week. Currently, fixed mortgage rates are rising and variable rates are fluctuating wildly, as competition between lenders reaches frenzied new heights. It’s …

Business Financing

The SME Loan Guarantee Scheme just expanded again. Now it’s huge.

You may faintly remember the Federal Government’s SME Loan Guarantee Scheme from late 2020, which also received a small boost earlier this year.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty likely most of us had the same experience with the scheme. You read the …

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Business Financing

Financing Your Business? 5 Things To Know Before You Look For a Lender.

Maybe you’re about to take your business into a new stage of growth, or you’ve decided to embark on a new venture entirely. Either way, securing business financing is going to be an essential step.  This is always an exciting …

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