Individual Tax

We help individuals get the most out of their tax. Whether it’s help with a tough tax return, or planning for the long run – our CPA advisors have you covered.

Sometimes, to get your tax return right, it’s better to work hands-on with an expert.

Book a tax-return appointment with one of our CPA advisors today – they’ll demystify the process, helping you see things you might otherwise miss.

We work regularly with people from all walks of life. You might be a high-net-worth executive, or the manager of a large property portfolio. Maybe you’re a self-starter with a growth mindset. Or maybe you just want a reliable, easy solution and a bit more free time. Whoever you are, our advisors will help you simplify your situation and maximise your return. We make sure we cover everything. 


Tax Returns With a Personal Touch

Our advisors will work with you closely during your consultation to make sure we don’t miss anything. Just like our online tax return service, we offer a maximum refund guarantee. 

Tax Planning

It happens every year. Tax time rolls around and you’re going through your records to try and put together the most effective return. But once you do, you’re left with the sinking feeling that you could’ve gotten a lot more money – if only you’d asked for help instead of trying to do it yourself.

We help individuals plan proactively for tax time. The best tax decisions are always made well in advance. Our CPA qualified advisors will help you make sure you have the best strategies in place to minimise your taxable income and boost your return. We’ll help you with whatever you need to plan. Whether that’s setting up effective accounting practices & software, navigating deductibles & tax write-offs, or re-inventing your property strategy. 

We get a kick out of getting you set up right for success. We love watching our clients go on to prosper and grow. Whatever you’re planning to do – we’ve got your back. 

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As a Registered Online Tax Agent, did you know there are many key benefits which set Ezytaxback apart from the ATO’s MyTax for processing your tax return online? With Ezytaxback you get 7 months extension on your due date for …

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