Ezytaxback Vs MyTax

As a Registered Online Tax Agent, did you know there are many key benefits which set Ezytaxback apart from the ATO’s MyTax for processing your tax return online?

  1. With Ezytaxback you get 7 months extension on your due date for lodgement with the ATO as a registered client of ours.
  2. We provide relevant tax advice specific to your circumstances which can produce major improvements to your next tax return, using our quick and easy online tax service.
  3. Our service is delivered to you online from the convenience of your own home, which sets us apart from regular tax agent offices like H&R Block. These traditional services can typically take more than an hour in commuting time wasted, along with travel costs and also the pain of booking an appointment and trying to fit that around your work/life commitments.
  4. You can complete your return 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at whatever time suits you.

Our Process

Every Ezytaxback tax return goes through 3 stages prior to lodgement with the ATO.

  1. Firstly, your return is processed by one of our registered tax agents so once we receive your online form our team of passionate Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) will look through your submission and cross check the information with our ATO prefill report to ensure all information is correct and complete.
  2. After this stage your registered tax agent will write a checklist should there be any discrepancies or if we can identify any possible deductions which you may have missed.
  3. This is when you will be contacted via email by one of our friendly customer service team members requesting further information and/or to give advice on common deductions which you may be eligible to given your circumstances and job description.
  4. Once your return has been finalised it is then reviewed by one of our senior tax accountants for another tick of approval prior to lodgement with the ATO. This ensures all errors are corrected prior to lodgement which means we eliminate the possibility of any trouble from the ATO for incorrect claims or income omissions.

What’s even better is this is all done online, and you can complete your tax form at anytime from anywhere using any device including mobile securely within 10 minutes!

Deductions Maximised

One of our major key benefits is our ability to maximise your deductions. Compared to using the ATO’s MyTax application which you are completely on your own. Ezytaxback provides you with tax information and we identify any deductions you may not have known about, that you can claim to maximise your tax refund result.

For example, did you know that you can claim a deduction for your home running costs for work related duties carried out from home? Tax tips like this is why using a Tax Agent like Ezytaxback is such an advantage from going down the solo route. We should also mention that all costs incurred for managing your tax affairs are also tax deductible! Win-win.

Another key highlight is in reference to rental property income. Many people are unaware of all the costs that can be claimed to offset your possible rental income. Common expenses such as land tax or interest paid on your rental mortgage are very regularly missed which can make a material difference to your taxable income.

Tax advice and more

Along with our annual online tax return service we have introduced two new online month-by-month service packages which include:

  1. ‘Tax and Mortgage’, a tailored plan offering mortgage and loan advice for $14.95 per month which includes refinancing your current existing investment or home loan mortgage… saving you thousands along the way.
  2. ‘My life Planner’ is our second addition & is our new premium service which includes all the services provided in our middle tier package PLUS Personal Superannuation review & Financial Planning advice for $24.95 per month. Instead of costing thousands like traditional “Old school” financial advice, our preferred financial planner will assess your family’s situation, give you advice regarding superannuation and life insurance – all for only $24.95 per month.

Our History

At Ezytaxback, we are a team of Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) based in Melbourne who are passionate about all Australians having access to high quality, affordable tax and advisory services through a simple online process . We guide you every step of the way through our simple application that you can use for your personal tax return every year. There’s no need to make an appointment so why not get your tax affairs sorted today!

Our customer service team are available 24/7 to help assist you with any queries you may have, from work-related motor vehicle deduction information to rental expenses you may claim to offset your taxable income. What’s even better though is no matter how big or small your tax affairs may be, our service fee is fixed with all individual tax advice included within our $29.95 flat fee per tax return lodged through our office. So why not make a start on any of your outstanding tax returns today!  Click here to begin finalising your tax affairs.

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