Business Structures

We can offer specialised advice on your business structure. We tailor our approach to your circumstances to make sure you’re running an effective business.
We specialise in making the complex and the complicated feel simple.

Are you struggling to wrap your head around your business structure? When you’re managing a lot of different factors – like offshore investments, tax minimisation, or multiple income streams – it can get confusing fast.

Our advisors take the time to truly understand your circumstances. Then, we develop an approach that suits your unique needs. We want your business structure to be as effective as possible.

Is your business reaching its full potential?

Getting your business structure right can take up a lot of your time and attention. Our advisors are experienced at working through structural concerns quickly and effectively. They’ll free you up to invest your time and attention however you like.We’re experienced with all kinds of business structures – including companies, trusts, and partnerships.  Whether you’re setting up or restructuring, we’ll guide you through the process to make sure you design your business as effectively as possible.


First, we’ll work with you to assess the size and complexity of your business and your industry. Maybe you’re a new sole trader looking to grow, or an established businessman after some specific advice. We also want to hear your long-term goals. Is it a short-term project you plan to flip, an inter-generational family business, or something else entirely?  

We’ll help you make sure your assets and your IP are protected, no matter how complex your business structure is. What might look impenetrable to our clients makes sense to us. We live and breathe complicated structures. We also have affiliated firms across Asia, the United States and the UK. This means we can extend our structural advice to companies that operate internationally.

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Business Structures

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Business Structures

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