Accounting Richmond, 4 things we love about it.

Accounting Richmond, we love it, and there’s plenty that we miss about the suburb as we continue to work from home during the pandemic. Here’s why Richmond is such an incredible place to work and play. 

1. There are plenty of green, open spaces to explore.

At this point, it’s safe to say that everyone has already ‘Done all of Brighton’ when it comes to taking walks around their local suburb. That’s why I’ve found myself thinking more and more about the outdoor spaces that are available to me when I’m down at the office. 

When I’m done accounting, Richmond offers plenty of peaceful places to walk and clear my head. We’re lucky enough to be located only a couple of blocks from the mighty Yarra River, with lots to take in. Kings Domain and the CBD lay to the south, and winding bends & bushland stretch out to the north.

If that’s not your thing, the nearby parks definitely offer some serious competition. From The MCG to the CBD, Richmond is blessed with a nearly unbroken stretch of rolling gardens & parkland. It’s hard to think of another Melbourne suburb that’s so lucky when it comes to natural spaces.

2. All of the mind-blowing food, of course.

It’s no secret that Richmond is a bit of a culinary hotspot. Nestled amongst the period terraces and cobblestone back-alleys are some of Melbourne’s biggest names in food. Put it this way – we’ve never been short on venues for a client lunch or a team dinner! After a day spent advising and accounting, Richmond offers plenty of places to unwind with a meal.

Chin Chin, Baby, Hectors Deli, Meatmaiden & Vlados are amongst the suburb’s heaviest hitters. To the north, Victoria Street is the hotspot for authentic Vietnamese. And hidden away behind Bridge Road lies Minamishima, serving up what is arguably Melbourne’s best Japanese food.

When it comes to cafes, it’s hard to beat Richmond institution Top Paddock. Located just around the corner from our office, their top-shelf coffee and mouthwatering food is always a staple here at Rees Group.

3. The nightlife isn’t bad, either. 

It’s one thing to have lots of dining options, but what about after-work drinks? It’s definitely just as important, especially after a long day working in accounting. Richmond, thankfully, has plenty of places to let loose with the team.

For one, there are more rooftop gardens and pubs than you can shake a stick at. Union House is probably the standout, but The Prince Alfred Hotel and The Richmond Club are both contenders. Make sure to book or go early on weekends though – things can get a bit hectic when the footy’s on.

It’s nice to have a few elegant, quiet corners too. For when you’re looking for something classier & more intimate, small old-school bars like Attria, Cochin and Atlas Vinifera all take their wine list & atmosphere very seriously.

4. The thriving business community. 

One of the reasons we’re so proud to offer business advisory & accounting services in Richmond is because we’re amongst extremely good company. Accounting in Richmond is currently flourishing as an industry, so it feels good to be one of the oldest accounting firms in the area.

The south of Richmond – where our office is located – is now home to one of the most thriving business districts outside of Melbourne CBD. Every laneway here seems to house a new and promising startup. Big companies like Mattel, REA Group and Seek all keep large head offices in the area. Working in accounting in Richmond, it feels like there’s always an opportunity to meet and mingle with exciting new people.

We’re excited to be part of such a thriving and dynamic business community.  We love it here, and we wouldn’t move for the world.

Accounting Richmond – If your business is having trouble adjusting to the conditions brought on by COVID lockdowns, Rees Group is there to help guide you through it. Get in touch with one of our business advisors today for a free & confidential chat.

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